Voorhees Wood and Manufactured Products, Inc.

Contact: Dirk Voorhees Tel: 541-686-5110 Fax: 541-686-5150 dirk@voorheeswood.com

Products Sold

  • Douglas Fir green and dry dimension lumber and timbers
  • Cedar - WRC, Alaskan Yellow and Port Orford
  • Hardwoods - Greenheart, Red and White Oak
  • Glulams
  • Rail Road ties
  • Round stock - poles, camel logs, piling, posts
  • Shakes & Shingles
  • Fabricated timbers for bridges, docks, trusses
  • Treated wood, dimension, timbers, piling, poles, shakes/shingles - ACZA, ACQ,CBA, CCA, Penta-H, LST Penta, Creosote, interior and exterior fire retardant